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Got a roof leak? Before it gets worse find a good roof repair company. Make sure that they are bonded and insured and guarantee their work. Our listed roofing companies are evaluated to do the work right the first time. Quality workmanship at an affordable price. Call for a FREE roof inspection today.

Reasons Why You Might Need a New Roof

-When the roofing shingles are near the end of its service life. Most roofs last for 25 to 30 years. If yours is near this age. Things such as
maintenance, material, ventilation and any previous repair or replacement affects the life of your roof.

When it is leaking. If you have multiple or extensive leaks, you might need to have your roof replaced instead of just repairing the leaks. Something to keep in mind.

-Wanting better curb appeal for resale can play a part in your roofing selections. For example you can recoup around 50% of your investment for a new roof that matches your home’s architecture.

When it comes down to your home the smartest investment you can have if to maintain or replace your roof.

The Average New roof Costs in the U.S.

$5,200-$6,700 replacement vs. affordable $550 to repair your roof

Roofing Repair and Replacement Costs Are Based On Factors:

-size of roof
-pitch of roof (safety and equipment considerations)
-roofing materials
-# shingle layers
-cost of living
-city code requirements
-skylights, chimneys and plumbing

Tip: Get quotes from at least 2 to 3 roofing contractors so you get a good range that’s within $2,700 – $3,500. Never take the lowball bid!

Why You SHOULD NOT Replace Your Roof:

Loose or missing shingles –Keep a spare box of shingles handy to replace missing or damaged shingles. Gently pry up the overlapping shingles and nail the replacements down.

Missing or loose asphalt shingles. Keep a pack of shingles around for roof fixes like a leak. Those kind of leaks are really easy to repair. Just get a tall ladder from somewhere and climb
up on the roof and fix it. If it looks out of your league then call a roofing professional to take a look at it.

Sagging gutters — As rain gutters age and get loaded with debris, the mounts that support them can fail and cause the gutter lengths to sag. Some people just drill holes in the gutter to
drain them, but this is worse than taking no action at all. To eliminate the problem, replace the sagging section of gutter or re-secure the mounts. Keep your gutters clean of debris to
prevent the problem from recurring.

Gutters sagging as they get older. With all of the buildup in the gutters the mounting begins to give in and it will sag. In this case just replace the sagging piece and level it and you’re done.

Flashings around the vents, skylights and chimneys can become damaged in storms. Flashings need to be inspected like roof shingles after a big storm. And if you see any damage from
the ground then contact your insurance company and have them take a look.

Different Types of Shingles and Quality:

Asphalt shingles are the most common used material when it comes to roofing. The right choice of shinges for your home is a matter of taste and budget for installation and maintenance.

Asphalt shingles: the most commont type of roofing material. Light and easy to install and costs less than other options.

Cost: A DIY asphalt affordable roofing on a standard ranch-style house costs from $800 to $4,200, depending on the size of the roof and the quality of the materials. Professional
installation can cost between $1,100 and $6,100.

Metal roofs are the longest lasting of all of the roof types. Metal roof can be as beautiful as any other type of roofing on the market. Their high cost makes them attractive to homeowners
who intend to stay in their home for long periods of time.

Steel roofs costs: $5,100 to $21,700. Aluminum is lighter-weight and costs from $16,000 to $26,000. Copper features a lovely color when well-maintained and can also look beautiful when
a light patina is allowed to form on it. It costs from $29,500 to $32,600.
Removing Old Shingles

Removing the old shingles is the hardest part of the job no matter if you’re a contractor or a DIYer. The cost of a tear-off varies widely from area to area, and doing it yourself will save about
$1,700, but for the purposes of safety and effort, you might want to hire a local roof repair.

Replacing a roof is a big decision and big job that can lead to all kinds of unexpected problems. You might find damaged wood beams under your shingles and underlayment than you
thought and may find that you need to have your roof stripped. Unforeseen problems come up that many people, even those who know what they’re doing, leave it to the roofing pros. Given
that a roof is expected to last anywhere from 20 years to 35 years, it can be well worth it no matter which way you go. Repair or replacement.

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